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for slow traffic it is also slow into livermore and westbound 880 as you drive on east shore freeway. let's quickly check in with the toll plaza and that's backed up for a 5 minute delay, let's go to steve. partly sunny skies and partly cloudy, temperatures continue to be mild to warm, 60s to lower 70s. coming up on mornings on 2, police in santa cruz are mourning the death of two veteran officers, new information about that tragedy. we will have more on how the pope is spending his final hours. we will be right back. stay with us.
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the santa cruz police department, still reeling after two of their own are shot and killed. they had back to work for the first time. new details about the heroics of police and firefighters. the clock is ticking. we're just hours away from mandatory federal budget cuts. are there any frantic last- minute deal hef arts to reach a
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-- last-minute efforts to reach a deal? and the move that will affect everybody who rides b.a.r.t. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's thursday, february 28th. this morning, santa cruz police officers will begin returning to work. that's after mourning of two veteran detectives killed in the line of duty. in the meantime we're learning more on how the deadly encounter unfolded tuesday afternoon. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us now from outside police headquarters. >> reporter: good morning. we understand that the mood here will be somber. there's a sign on the front of the door that says the station is closed. but we understand police officers should be returning to work today for the first time since the deadly tragedy. sheriff deputies and the chp
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had assumed patrols for police immediately following the shooting and they will take over duties here when the funerals commencement. they are planning a double funeral sometime next week. the memorial continues to grow. more details about the deadly tragedy are surfacing. a cell phone video. authorities say the detectives went to the home of 35-year-old jeremy goulet for a followup investigation on a sexual assault. sheriff deputies say a fight broke out and jeremy goulet killed loran baker and elizabeth baker on his doorstep. he fled the scene in the unmarked vehicle of the officers. investigators say the two officers had no idea what they were dealing with. >> i never knew anybody at the police department as close as i did butch baker. i'm really glad i knew him. he added so much to the community and the police department.
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>> reporter: when law enforcement found jeremy goulet a half-hour later, he was pinned against a garage on doyle street. they say jeremy goulet opened fire on everyone and police sent fire back on him, killing a him. a firefighter tackled and shielded a woman on the ground while the rest of the crew got bystanders out of the way. at least four bullets flew overhead and struck the ladder shock. investigators say the suspect was wearing body armor and carrying guns. they believe that body armor came from the detectives. you can understand what a difficult and emotional day that will be for everyone involved. taliban, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:03. santa cruz police have set up two funds to help the families of the two fallen officers. one is at the bay federal credit union. don'ters can make checks out to the santa cruz police officers association. the second is at wells fargo bank. the police officers association has set up the baker-butler
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scorership fund. our coverage of the tragedy in santa cruz continues here, both on air and online. stay with us for the next two hours for updates from outside police headquarters and you can also updates at and our facebook page. 7:03. new this morning, the pope's final hour at the vatican. [ cheers ] >> the cardinals who gathered gave him a standing ovation when he met them as a group for the last time. at 8:00 this morning, pacific time, pope benedict xvi will get on a helicopter. he will fly to a retreat outside of rome. that's where he will officially resign later today. brian flow remembers joining us live at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco where a special mass will be held to thank benedict for his life of service. brian? >> reporter: hi, dave. yeah, a special mass indeed, good morning to you.
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several bay area catholics will be taking part in the thanksgiving masses this morning starting in about an hour here. we're live at st. mary's where one of the services will be held. it's unknown how many catholics will be attending. but the service is expected to give thanks to pope benedict's eight years as pope and pray for his help. the pope says he will offer unconditional reverence and obedience of his successor. cardinals are planning to meet next week to discuss a conclave to take place. there are many questions remaining on who the candidates are. for many catholics in the bay area, they have ideas who they would like to see as the next pope. mum we hope to -- coming up, we hope to talk with people about that. there is a service at san jose's at st. peter's basilica to give thanks to the pope.
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i'm brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. pope benedict xvi is the first pope in 600 years to resign. coming up for you at 7:15, we'll get a live report from the papal retreat south of rome. 7:05. "washington post" reporter says a very senior person at the white house threatened him says he would regret blaming president obama for the fight over the sequester budget cuts. woodward recently wrote an opinion piece in the "washington post" accusing president obama of moving the goalpost in the negotiations over spending cuts and he said that generated the e-mail from the white house. >> it makes me very uncomfortable to have the white house telling reporters, you're gonna regret doing something that you believe in. >> the white house issued a statement saying no threat was intended in the e-mail according to the statement, the e-mail suggested that woodward
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would right get his statement about the -- woodward would regret his statement about the sequester because it's not accurate. the spending cuts are set to kick in tomorrow. the senate is scheduled to vote today on rival democrat and republican plans to replace the spending cuts. coming up at 7:15, why some critics say the senate vote today is not even designed to solve the budget problem. 7:06. police need your help. they are trying to find an 11- year-old san leandro boy who never returned to his foster home. investigators say miles oliveras was last seen at madison school. they suspect he's with his birth mother, michelle. they say he's been trying to reunite with him and is seen in berkeley, richmond and oakland often. police don't suspect any foul play but if you have any information, call san leandro police. oakland police want your help. they want to find a driver who hit three people in east
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oakland. it happened yesterday afternoon on neville street. the three people hit were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive. neighbors say the driver ran into a house. >> there was three girls laying on the grass. the ambulance attendants were dealing with them and it was crazy. >> reporter: police believe that driver was driving a stolen car. now if you have any information, call oakland police. all right. 7:08. we want to check in with sal. aprently some delays on caltrains. >> yeah, the number 104 train broke down in south city. so passengers are using train 206. they've combined service. if you take train 206 southbound you'll be delayed. there are delays on the system because of that broken-down train in south city. let's take a look at some live pictures. 101 san francisco. that traffic is moving along
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relatively well with no major problems. if you are driving on the westbound bay bridge, 25-minute delay at the toll plaza. if you are driving on 80, the traffic is a little bit slow in this hairia, but the crash is already off to the right shoulder. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very good morning. look at this. sunrise over the city. we have some low clouds. higher clouds and a little bit of rain tell last night. sprinkles -- fell last night. sprinkles up in mendocino county stand lake county. let's week it looks like we'll get some rain in here. no, really. it really does. today we start off very mild on the lows. the low clouds and higher clouds keeping lows in the 40s near 50. partly cloudy, partly sunny here in the morning and then mostly sunny this afternoon. this cloud deck is lifting north. i think the low clouds get chewed up. there's some rain up towards crescent city. mostly sunny, warm. temperatures are above average. cooling trend on the weekend.
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combination of some high and mid-level tropical clouds on saturday. it looks like a cloudy to mostly cloudy pattern on sunday. saturday morning all right. the rain that fell last night, most of it fell while you were probably snoozing but right there. completely fell apart. the mere fact it made it -- hang the hat on one positive. things need to change. we are running out of time. 40s to 50s on the low. san francisco is 50. antioch is 50. i've seen readings near 40 near there. san jose is 44. about 10, 15 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. cloud cover will thin out and start to lift north. mostly cloudy, fog patchy. coastal bay and 70s inland. not as breezy. we have a pretty good offshore wind. 60s and 70s. novato to clearlake, 70. danville, san ramon, 71. pleasanton 70.
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castro valley. berkeley 66. alameda 65. 75 gilroy. san jose. upper 60s for many. san bruno, brisbane, 65. pacifica and daly city 62. santa cruz, 74. warm on friday, even warm now. high and mid-level clouds come in on saturday. partly sunny, cooler monday. 7:10. new clues about that meteor. what scientists are now saying about the space rock that exploded over russia and the impact it had on the entire globe. a change of tune. why new jersey's governor now complaining loudly to the president about the response of hurricane sandy.
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well, combination of some low clouds, higher clouds and mild morning, not nearly as cold as the last couple of
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mornings. that's for sure. it will be mostly sunny. upper 60s to low 70s. all right. thank you, steve. 7:13. the meteor that exploded in the skies over russia last month really made waves. we're talking about sound waves. scientists say the meteor unleashed a low frequency rumble felt around the world. the sound level, though, was far below what you and i can hear. but it's giving astronomers new clues about the meteor that injured more than a thousand people. new jersey governor, chris christie, is asking the government to speed up federal aid to victims of hurricane sandy. he says flood insurance claims are processed too slowly. he even complained to president obama, calling the performance of the national flood insurance program unacceptage. more than 100,000 storm victims have filed claims through the government program.
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in about 15 minutes from now, house minority leader nancy pelosi will be talking to the immediate you -- media. she will probably ask for a compromise about the budget cuts that become law tomorrow. as kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, the senate plans to vote on two proposals. >> reporter: the votes are just for show, so each party can say they made their attempt to stop these automatic sweeping budget cuts. senate democrats are calling for $55 billion in cuts and another $55 billion in increased tax revenue but republicans refuse to raise taxes. the gop is now pushing and alternative that would require $85 billion in cuts, the same as sequestration but now they want president obama to determine which cuts get saved and they are giving him a deadline of march 15th. neither bill is expected to get the 60 votes expected to pass
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today and $85 billion in cuts become law tomorrow. >> the question is whether or not we are going to see a willingness on the part of all parties to compromise in a meaningful way. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner will speak on behalf of house republicans later this morning, but up first, nancy pelosi speaks in about 15 minutes. what she has to say when i see you next hour. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. here in the bay area, a lot of programs that depend on federal funding are bracing for the budget cuts. they include a $5.4 million cut statewide to a program that gives free healthy meals at community centers for senior citizens on fixed incomes. air traffic controllers will have to take one furlough day every two weeks. that could cause flight delays and cancellations at bay area airports. and 8200 children all across california will be kicked out
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of the headstart program which provides subsidized preschool. 7:16. happening now. pope benedict xvi is heading off to retirement. he's about to board a helicopter at the vatican and fly to a retreat south of rome. this is a live picture looking toward st. peter's square. large crowds have been gathering all week there in honor of the outgoing hope. the pope spoke to cardinals this morning, pledging reverence and obedience to his success ooh. analysts say he's dispelling any -- successor. he told the cardinals they are the princes of the church, urging them to work together and set aside differences while electing a new pontiff. he will now head off to the papal retreat for retirement. one of the men in charge of selecting a new pope is roger mahony. he was removed as the head of the los angeles archdiocese after it was revealed that he
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plotted to conceal child molestation by the clergy. mahony spoke to pope benedict xvi asking him to pry for the people of los angeles and he went on twitter and wrote "he grasped my hand and said yes." there is a report out that boeing and the japanese company that makes lithium batteries for the jets disagree on how to fix the battery problems with the jets. the batterymaker wants to include a voltage regulator that can stop electricity from going in the battery, the wall street journal says. boeing wants a stronger containment box and cooler capacity. boeing says there's no problem between it and the batterymaker. there is now a limit on how much music pandora will let you listen to for free on mobile devices. pandora isp kaing the free -- capping the free string at 49.
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and then you have to pay. 7:18. a bankruptcy judge still needs to approve it but it now looks like flour foods will end up with at least some of the hostess brands. a source says flour foods of georgia will buy wonder bread. it will get home pride, butternut and nature pride bread. the deal is valued at about $360 million. new details this morning about a nuclear waste leak in central washington state. washington state governor says six tanks at the hanford nuclear regulation may be leaking a thousand gallons of radioactive waste a year. the governor says there's no available technology to repair the leaking tank. so a permanent fix could be weeks or possibly months away. the federal government built the hanford reservation at the height of world war ii as part
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of the manhattan project to build an atomic bomb. the 177-year-old aging tank holds radioactive waste. a spill happened behind a house on los seras drive. the spill was reported tuesday morning even though this was first spotted monday night. about 25,000 gallons of sewage spilled. the district tells the marin independent journal, the size of the spill could have been reduced if the incident had been reported earlier. jacob blue is scheduled to be sworn in today as the new treasury secretary. this is after the senate voted yesterday to confirm him. he recently served at president obama's chief of staff. in the past hes what the budget director -- in the past he was also the budget director for president obama and former president bill clinton. shaping up to be another
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beautiful day in the bay area. which area may see the 70- degree mark. and anticipation keeps growing over the future child of the duke and duchess of cambridge. pictures of what the royal baby may look like. good morning. it's getting pretty crowded through downtown san jose and all over the bay area. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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photos are emerging of what the child of kate middleton and prince william could look like. these are pictures from a australian of the royal baby as a toddler. if the girl -- south african of the royal baby as a toddler. if the baby is a boy, he will likely resemble his father. and here is a picture of what the child could look like in his or her teenaged years if she's a girl, she may have dark
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hair and if he is a boy, he will likely inherit william's mouth and strong jawline. pregnant women with morning sickness reportedly can get some relief. one out of every ten women has nausea bad enough to need medication. many decide not to take anything because they worry about side effects. a danish study finds no evidence that the drug zofran will hurt the baby. no doctors are approved here in the u.s. but doctors are free to prescribe whatever they think will work best for the women. breakfast does more than provide children the nutrients theyed need. it could also affect their academic and economic future. a new study shows those students who eat breakfast receive 70% on standardized math tests and they miss
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school. those who go to school regularly are 20% more likely to go to high school and will probably earn more money. this study was done by share our strength, an organization aimed at ending hunger. want to check in with sal. any problems in la fayette? >> from problems. but it's getting slower. westbound 24. you can see a bunch of slow traffic coming up to the la fayette b.a.r.t. station only to slow at the orinda station. i think some people will avoid 80 and some people can use 24. 80 had some problems earlier. 4 is not doing very well i would say compared to what it is. westbound bay bridge. that's backed up for a 25 to 30- minute delay. that's about typical. i want to mention that 80, we talked about it, 80 between
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between pinole and richmond. traffic was heavy. if you are driving over to the livermore valley, we had some earlier problems there. most of them are gone. but traffic is really heavy coming in from the altamont pass to livermore. let's go to steve. we had some sprinkles, light rain to the north. measurable amounts up tolake county. a lot of high clouds and low clouds left behind. humidity is up. fog, high clouds. mild to warm. it will be warmer even on friday. the weekend will see a lot of tropical clouds. it will be cooler. next rain looks to be late tuesday and wednesday. it will make it. another one on thursday. let's hope so. 40s to 50. i mean, really mild lows. yesterday at this time we had a couple of upper 20s and 30s. all of that moisture holding terps up. 60s to low 70s. 7:26. police in santa cruz are going back to work today after
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mourning the death of two veteran officers. chilling new information about what happened in that santa cruz neighborhood tuesday afternoon. >> reporter: we're live in mountain view where police have stepped up enforcement because pedestrians, including students have been hit while crossing the street. we'll tell you about the latest accident. in 90 minute, the b.a.r.t. board of directors getting's ready to -- gets ready to vote on an fare increase -- on a fare increase.
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it is 7:29. happening now -- the vatican is preparing for the departure of pope benedict xvi. this is, once again, a live picture of st. peter's basilica at the vatican in italy. here is the timetable for the pope's resignation today -- about half an hour from now, the pontiff is scheduled to board a helicopter to fly to a retreat outside of rome. he will arrive at 8:15 this morning, pacific time, he will greet the crowd there from an upstairs window at about 8:30 our time and then officially resign at 11:00 a.m. our time. this is a big deal because no pope has resigned in 600 years. stay tuned to ktvu as we follow this historic turnover in the
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catholic church. 7:30. back here at home. mountain view police are warning drivers to slow down, especially around schools after several students were hit on the way to school. ktvu's janine de la vega live in mountain view right now with information on the latest accident that injured a student. janine? >> reporter: we're here on shoreline boulevard near california street. this is a heavily-traveled road. you can see the traffic down there as the morning picks up, it will get busier. i want to show you the crosswalk where the teen was crossing when he was hit. police are very concerned about this because it's the fourth time a student was been struck in recent months. here's a picture that mountain view police tweeted from the scene on tuesday. a 17-year-old boy was struck by a car while he was walking to mountain view academy. he was rushed to the hospital and treated for nonlife- threatening injuries. police say the driver was shaken up and after interviewing them, the officers determined that the driver was
7:34 am
at fault. speed and alcohol were not factors. officers tell us they've stepped up enforcement on shoreline. one pedestrian we spoke to said he had actually gotten ticketed for jaywalking on shoreline. >> police told me they are trying to crack down on pedestrian safety on shoreline. there have been several accidents in the past. even though i got visibility, i can see aways down, they don't want anybody crossing against the signals because of the accidents in the past. >> reporter: they have always been patrolling castro street which was where three students were hit at three different crosswalks while they were walking to graham middle school. that was last fall. in those incident, police say it was the -- incidents, police say it was the students at fault. police want people to slow down and be aware of their surrounds and they want -- surroundings
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and they want students to be aware as well. coming up on the next hour of "mornings on 2" you will hear from the police lieutenant who talks about the undercover operation that they've been conducting that is to help pedestrian safety and the traffic accidents that have been happening here. reporting live from mountain view, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:32. police officers in santa cruz are going back to work this morning. that's after mourning the loss of two veteran detectives killed in the line of duty. we're finding out more about that how that deadly encounter unfolded. cell phone video captured the horrible scene in a santa cruz neighborhood tuesday afternoon. investigators say the two detectives went to the home of the suspect, jeremy goulet, for a followup investigation. that jeremy goulet had been arrested last week on disorderly conduct charges. sheriff deputies say jeremy goulet shot those police officers on his doorstep.
7:36 am
>> we know now that he was distraught and we know now that he had intentions of potentially harming people and/or the police. >> investigators say jeremy goulet was later found wearing body armor and carrying three guns. the guns and possibly the body armor came from the two fallen officers. we've learned that jeremy goulet worked at the cole coffee shop in north oakland for about nine months. the owner tells ktvu that jeremy goulet was fired last fall after missing work for a couple of days. now, he described jeremy goulet as "creepy why the and i'm quoting and epmade many customers uncomfortable -- and epmade many customers uncomfortablable. many of the santa cruz police officers returning to work this morning attended an emotional vigil last night. [singing]
7:37 am
>> the city's police chief wiped away tears during the somber ceremony. they came to honor butch baker, a 28-year veteran. they also remembered detective elizabeth butler, a 10-year veteran. she was the mother of two young children. >> it's hard. we're just really concerned for our daughter's safety. >> plans are now in the works for what will likely be a joint funeral sometime next week. once again, santa cruz sheriff's deputies will fill in for police on patrol during that time of morning. our coverage of the tragedy continues here on ktvu, both on the air and online. ktvu eight tara moriarty will have an update -- ktvu's tara moriarty will have an update from headquarters at 8:00 and
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you can always get updates at and our facebook page. police in santa rosa are trying to find a suspect in a deadly hit and run. it happened yesterday afternoon around 1:00 on montgomery drive. police found the victim, a pedestrian, right there on the side of the road. the suspect believed to be driving a light-colored, newer model mercedes that may have front-end damage. if you have any information, call santa rosa police. it is 7:36. the followup to the story of a broken water main in san francisco, we first reported on yesterday's morning news, crews will return to 15th avenue and winona street today to repair the damaged road. a 61-year-old, 16-inch cast iron pipe burst open, flooding about two dozen homes and creating a 30-foot sinkhole. investigators don't know if the problem was caused by the pipe's age or work on a skewer line -- sewer line last september. six houses are yellow tagged,
7:39 am
meaning there's structural damage but the homes are still liveable. a new street improvement project in san francisco is causing big concern among some business owners. the city is looking to remove several blocks of street parking on polk between union and mcalister. the idea is to make room for bicyclists and to cut down on collisions. merchants are concerned the plan would drive away customers and kill business. the changes would not be implemented until 2015 but a test-run is scheduled for later this morning. 7:37. new this morning, you b.a.r.t. riders you may soon have to pay more money. fares may be going up again. ktvu's claudine wong is in san francisco now to tell us how much the fares could go up and claudine, how often? >> reporter: well, we're looking at increases that will go into effect over the next several hours. we're in front of the embarcadero station this morning. we've seen a steady stream of folks coming up here. people who will obviously be
7:40 am
affected by this. b.a.r.t. says regular small fare increasessic loo the ones proposed have been key to b.a.r.t.'s financial stability during difficult economic times. it's been done since 2006. b.a.r.t. wants to keep that going. so the board will vote on another series of hikes. the two-thirds of this board must approve. i've been looking at the proposals, really it looks like there's not a lot of other options. b.a.r.t. says this will help fund projects that include new rail cars and a new train-controlled system over the next years. if this is all green lighted, fares would go up every two years. the fares would go up 5.2% in 2014 and 3.9% in 2016. and that's all estimated to generate more than $325. parking would also change, depending on how busy the lot you park in gets. parking fares increases would
7:41 am
range from $1 to $3. the range of fares would be $1 po $3. we've been talking out here and one man says the fare hikes don't make sense for him. i see that through riders there's more revenue coming in for b.a.r.t. so i don't necessaryley seeing how -- necessarily see how raising fare is justified. >> i come from orinda and pay a dollar for parking. it's a lot cheaper than driving and parking. >> reporter: so what happens if the boardent doesn't pass it? well -- if the board doesn't pass? it could mean a deferral program. right now we're going to head to the meeting. it's said to start at 9:00. we're hoping to talk with those involved in this proposal.
7:42 am
back to you. >> thank you. we want to check in with sal who will be telling us about a new crash. this one in san jose. >> it's on 85 southbound at blossom hill road. i want to put it up on and map for you. southbound 85 at blossom hill road. sounds like a pretty serious accident blocng lanes. fire department and medics are on the way and the traffic is going to be slow. northbound is the commute direction but this may actually affect northbound traffic because of people looking at the crash in the area. i also want to mention we've been looking at the commute from hayward to fremont. traffic time is up to 30 minutes. 101 faring much better. it's only ten minutes there. but the big problem is 85 at 101 near blossom hill road. let's go to some live pictures i want to show you traffic at the toll plaza. about a 20-minute delay. it's improved a little bit but not much before you make it on the bay bridge. this morning's commute on highway 4. still busy. getting over the hill to bay
7:43 am
point. let's go to steve. a very good morning. it feels a lot warmer this morning than yesterday. some inland locations are running 15 to 20 degrees warmer on the lows. mix of some low clouds. a few high clouds. we actually had a few sprinkles. but fairfield, travis at this time, was 29. this morning, they are 48. big difference. a lot of thatle low cloud deck, a subtle breeze helping. friday will be sunny and very warm. that will be the warmest day. high clouds. it will be cooler and the next rain looks to be tuesday night. we need it. last night, right there, see how the system came by. left some amounts in mend see know, .01 and ukiah and a few light showers made it in the north bay. it's washed out. but it's left behind some very low temperatures. san francisco, 48. 48 redwood city.
7:44 am
half moon bay, 39. there's fairfield's 48. cloud cover is lifting north. the fog and low clouds look like a it will dissipate here. it's a -- looks like it will dissipate here. we will see some tropical clouds coming in over the weekend. upper 60s to low 70s. napa's in there, sonoma, st. helena, clearlake, walnut creek, antioch, pittsburg, berkeley, 66. 75 in gilroy. 70 san jose, santa clara, los gatos. saratoga, 71. a lot of low to mid-60s. south san francisco in san francisco and also on the coast. very warm friday and then a lot of clouds roll in here late saturday and sunday. it will be cooler next week. >> thank you, steve. where apple's stock is today after lifting yesterday. and the big announcement regarding the future headquarters. some say it's like a space
7:45 am
ship. and another deadline to the white house and how it's effected to proposition -- connected to proposition 8.
7:46 am
7:47 am
stocks have turned mixed after triple-digit rallies. the government said that new jobless claims are falling but impending budget cuts, the sequestration, not pleasing investors. right now the dow is down 11. the nasdaq is up 6. s&p is flat. now, we just checked and groupon's stock is tumbling. it's down 23% in early trading, trading at $4.58 the 52-week
7:48 am
high was almost $20. experts had forecast it would register a profit of 3 cents a share. that's becausing several analysts to cut ratings for groupon. apple stock is up slightly 14% after being one of the few stocks that did not take part in yesterday's rally. shares are still down 37%, though, since hitting their peak in september from over $700. right now it's trading at 4- point 4 a. that slide has wiped out $240 -- 4.45. that slide has wiped out $240 million. ceo tim cook says apple continues to work with the city to gain approval for the space ship building. the concept was the concept of steve jobs. it was expected to open in
7:49 am
2015. but that's been pushed back at least a year. the governors of colorado and washington state want to know what the federal government is going to do now that the recreational use of marijuana is legal in their states. voters in washington and colorado approve legislation to legallallized the use of marijuana last -- legalized the use of marijuana last november. it's still banned under federal law. the governors asked eric holder if there could be some flexibility how the federal government deals with marijuana use in states that have legalized it. holder says the department of justice is in the last stages of a review and there should be an answer soon. well, the obama administration faces a deadline for today to decide if it will take a stand on california's proposition 8. the band on same- sex marriage. the u.s. supreme court is due to here oral arguments for and against prop 8 on march 26th. gay right supporters are press egg the obama administration to
7:50 am
file what's called a friend of the court brief, urge, the court to overturn proposition 8. the obama administration did file a friend of the court brief against the federal defensive marriage act but have not weighed on in proposition 8. several silicon valley companies are urging the supreme court to strike down the defensive marriage act. google, oracle, ebay and apple are some corporations who filed a friend of the court brief. push there's also a new field poll that finds a growing number of californians support same-sex marriage. 61% say same-sex couples should be allowed to marry and have regular marriage laws apply to them. 32% of the people polled said
7:51 am
they don't agree. 7:48. down to the wildfire for those automatic federal budget cuts. they are set to kick in at midnight tonight. political reporter jamie dupree joins us via skype from washington, d.c. is there any last-minute maneuvering underway to avoid the cuts? >> reporter: there's maneuvering but no negotiations. there really haven't been any this entire week. we'll have a couple of showboats later today. the republican plan would he allow the cuts to go into effect. they would give the pentagon more wiggle room to do something about it to shift money and around invite the white house's own ideas. that will be defeated as well as a democratic plan. the budgetary office found this would increase by a small amount over ten years. everybody is gonna leave town.
7:52 am
i don't think congress will be in session tomorrow, on friday, the day these cuts go into effect. everybody will be pointing the finger. already we're talking more about what's going to happen next. for example, the house republicans next weekend may move a bill that basically keeples the automatic cuts in place and -- keeps the automatic cuts in place and gives the pentagon more leeway to shift around money and then moves forward at that lower level of funding for what's called the discretionary budget, tori. >> the president will be meeting with the republican congressional leaders tomorrow for the first time on this topic. why the wait? why wait until after the deadline? why didn't they meet before? >> it's it's sort of a logical question. when the meeting with the congressional leadership tomorrow will be bipartisan, but for the the republicans it will be the first time that they've sat down face to face with the president since the start of the year.
7:53 am
they did run into each other in the capitol before the ceremony for rosa parks, the civil rights pioneer. there was about a seven-minute conversation behind doors. they will meet for hours before the deadline. there's been no negotiations. i think both sides have been caught offguard a little by the fact there's a lot of people who just decided these cuts are going to go through. there's no middle ground here and they will live to fight another day about it. the next day will be the month of march. quickly, they have another fight on their hands at the end of march. >> we're gonna pair this together. on march 27th, the temporary budget runs out. the plan, to extend that budget to the lower level after the automatic cuts and put in other language. now, that will fly with some democrats which leads some to
7:54 am
wonder if we'll have a shut down before easter. >> never a dull moment. >> reporter: no. >> jamie dupree joining us live from washington. thank you. well, a new start for 49ers' quarterback alex smith. what his family members are saying about reports that alex has been tapedded to kansas city. if you -- traded to kansas city. if you want to celebrate the new bay bridge, it will cost you. the questions over who willic unthe tab for the big party. [ male announcer ] you think you know me.
7:55 am
i'm just red carpets, big spectacles and the a-list. that's only the beginning. i have more than one red carpet. i like all sorts of spectacles. from the grandiose, to the impromptu... to the completely unexpected. and you'll only have to think about a list... when you cross this, off your own. los angeles. endlessly entertaining. plan your getaway at
7:56 am
while alex smith has not talked publicly about his trade to the chiefs that's impending, we are hearing from his family. his mother says the family is excited that smith will have the opportunity to play for the chiefs. she adds its bittersweet because her son worked hard, battled injuries and was
7:57 am
finally playing well and then losing the job after suffering a concussion. >> i'm happy for him. he wants to be a starter quarterback. he didn't want to be a backup quarterback. >> the nfl shop at pier 39 has one alex jersey left. it's marked down to $69. all colin kaepernick jerseys are sold out. when the new bay bridge opens in a few months it looks like the new walk across the bridge may cost you money. the toll authority planned to spend $5.5 million on transportation and security. we're not sure who will pay for the rest. one idea, charging up to $20 to let people walk across the bridge. the grand opening is scheduled for the labor day weekend. we want to check in with sal, speaking of bridges and roads, see how things are moving around the bay area. >> we told you about that
7:58 am
accident last -- last time in san jose. this crash at blossom hill road is causing problems for northbound traffic as well as people are driving by. they are looking at the crash and it's causing some big problems there. if you drive on 101 at 85 in the southern san jose area, you need to give yourself extra time because of the crash. let's take a look at 2880 san francisco, slow at king, slow at 6. also at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a backup of about 15 to 20 minutes. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. well, we have partly cloudy skies. some low clouds continuing to filter in a little bit. they ramped up. most of that is pushing off the coast. there's still some in south san francisco near brace bane. i know that and high and mid- level clouds. rainfall for january and february has been dismal. san francisco, fifth driest since 1852. oakland .81. the driest since 1948 and santa cruz, not even 1.25 of rain.
7:59 am
that's the driest since 1893. is there any rain? yeah, next week. let's hope we get a miracle march. 50 santa rosa. fairfield, 48. yesterday at this time, they were 29. huge difference. 50 in san francisco. san jose is 48. livermore, 40. these high clouds will clear out. they are pushing north which means temperatures will rebound really fast. 60s and 70s. it looks even warmer on the weekend. we'll have more on -- on friday but then changes on the weekend. more on that coming up. >> thank you, steve. 7:57. and we want to take you live to rome where the pope is heading out of the vatican to board a helicopter. these are live pictures where you can see the pope is getting into a car which will take him, presumably to the helicopter pad, where he will depart. this is, of course, a very historic moment because typically, the pope does not resign. the pope has always been a position for life and married
8:00 am
to god and has stayed there until he has passed away. so this is the first time in 600 years the pope is resigning. this is very brand-new. you can see the very glamorous- looking -- i believe those are the -- >> the vatican guard. >> the vatican guard and a lot of the clerics, it looks like and other princes of the church, all waving goodbye as the pope leaves the courtyard there and being escorted by police with the flashing lights. >> this is the last time that they will see him. he says he's going to be heading into a life of isolation, away. part of the controversy that was surrounding him this morning was -- you have two living popes and whether his popularity, his influence might impede on his successor and he was trying to dispel that. absolutely. there was some question, this
8:01 am
is so unprecedented what his title would be, what he would be allowed to wear and where he would live. apparently, there was some concern, there was the -- the pope is the title of the bishop of rome so there was some suggestions that he would keep that title but he chose to be -- he will be called the emeritus pope. he will also be allowed to wear the white frock which is typically just worn by the pope and he will be staying at a small apartment but still in the vatican but he says he will stay outof sight in a very -- out of sight. >> yes. even the color of shoes will be different from his successor. we know more than 100 cardinals will be selecting the new pope. they will formally come together next monday to talk about when to hold the conclave and then the actual voting
8:02 am
process will take place after that. but this is history. again, this has not happened in 600 years. and we're able to watch it and see it happen. and the cardinals, more than 100 of them, who will be selecting the new pope. they are meeting next monday to discuss when to hold the conclave. when i spoke to a reporter at the vatican yesterday, she was saying that march 8th, 9th is when the conclave will begin which, again, is different because before it was always a 15-day waiting period to meet but that was after the pope died and you would never predict when that would happen. they obviously knew when the pope would be leaving. they are gonna be moving up that conclave a little earlier than the traditional 15 day days. and the actual -- 15 days. around the actual process of that conclave comes from the term "lock and key." they are kept in a conference
8:03 am
room locked up and they cast secret ballots for a new pope. the longest conclave lasted three years. the shortest a few days. they are hoping it will be short because they want a new pope by the time holy week starts. as we're looking at this helicopter shot, you can see the big walls surrounding the vatican. >> i was just gonna say -- >> i was just there. the vatican is technically its own government, if you will. its own entity. it's separate and isolated from rome. it's right in the middle of the city. and normally there are just lines and lines of people of people waiting to get inside to tour the vatican to see the chapel and all of the beautiful historical things there. but you can see, once again, the motorcade of the pope who will be taking a helicopter to
8:04 am
his small apartment, a retreat south of rome until his apartment is ready. they are rebig it now. >> there's the helicopter that will take the pope out. earlier, the pope met with the cardinals and classed their hands and said i will be close to you in prayer as they meet to choose his successor. it was an emotional moment for them and him as well. >> and it looks like the pope is staying final farewells there to the bishop, a cardinal. there was some questions about the timing of his resignation. he just announced right in the beginning of lent that he was gonna be leaving right in the middle of very holy -- a very hoe limb time for all of christianity. he just claims he was tired. heaves 8 a. he's been in failing health -- he was 8 a. he's been in failing health.
8:05 am
he said he could not carry on the job any longer. >> we're seeing reports that he will stay at the hilltop town outside of rome where the popes have spent summers for centuries. he will be there for several months and then will return to live in the vatican at the convent in the gardens there that gives a perfect view of the st. peter a basilica -- st. peter's basilica. >> it should be a rather short helicopter ride as we see him getting on board. it should be about ten, 15 minutes when he will arrive at his next residence and then he will give a final wearwell, be waving from the -- farewell, be waving from the window at 8:15 and then he will officially resign at 11:00 our time. the supporters are very sad to see him go. he's had a short reign, just
8:06 am
about eight years, i believe and, you know, he's -- he succeeded pope john paul ii who was extremely popular and who reigned for over 20 years and did extensive amounts of traveling endured especially by young -- endeared especially by young people and there was an assassination attempt on him and he forgave the person who wanted it three to -- who wanted to try to shoot hill. it's been an interesting reign for the pope. it's just about to end. >> they say many at the vatican were stunned by the news he was resigning. there were others who saw it as a sign of humility and humanity, a fact that he was being rationle that he didn't feel he would -- rational, that he didn't feel he would do the job anymore. >> and there were concerns that he couldn't deal with some of the scandals that started to rock the catholic church. he just maintained it was for
8:07 am
his health and purely humble reasons that he wanted to step down and step april side. once again, a -- aside. once again a beautiful picture from the helipad. which i guess you don't see very often outside of the vatican, outside of the walls of vatican. >> as we watch these live picture, he we realize the difficult part starts right now in selecting the new pope. which part of the world? we hear africa, we hear other parts of the -- maybe even the united states where the new pope will come from. a younger person, someone of another ethnicity we don't know. the muslim world where -- we just don't know where the next person will be coming from. >> right. and that's something that the 81 -- 115 eligible cardinals will be dealing with. a decision may not be reached until after that for at least a day or two. and again, as we watch the
8:08 am
helicopter starting to be prepared to lift off and take the pope to his next residence, you can see the bells ringing there. certainly, it's an emotional time for a lot of catholics and a lot of people who are -- who have been following this with a lot of interest. we'll continue to follow this and bring you more pictures from italy as the pope moves onto his next residence. right now, there are special masses worldwide, thanking the pope for his service and nine brian flores is live at one mass just beginning at -- brian floor ris is live at one of them -- flores is live at one of them at st. mary's. >> reporter: hi, tori. many bay area catholics are taking part in thanksgiving mass. when we say thanksgiving, they are giving thanks to pope benedict xvi and his service to the church. now, we're here at st. mary's where this is just one of the -- this is just where one of the churches will be held.
8:09 am
several activities for the pope included giving a final farewell wave and then officially retire, at 11:00 our time. there are many services planned but the service here is to give thanks to his eight years of pope and also to pray for his good health. meanwhile, the hope says he -- pope says he will offer obedience and reverence to the new pope. there are many questions on who those candidates for who the pope will be. some have ideas. here's what they had to say. >> i would like to see us have an inspirational, charismatic leader, not that the previous pope wasn't, but i think we would like to see that. someone who just inspires us to follow the gospel and do what jesus tells us to do.
8:10 am
>> opening up to more people and -- yeah, being more open in general with the church. i really liked pope john paul ii. i feel like he had a great direction and realizing the church is a modern era and we're not where we were thousands of years ago. >> reporter: and that's pretty much the gist of the people that we talked to. they want to see a pope who is kind of similar to pope john paul ii. very popular. they say this is a great opportunity for the church to kind of see where it moves forward from here. not sure how many will attend the mass here. but several school kids from saint bridge's school nearby are attending mass about 50 of them. you can see the beautiful church here. a lot of people started to file in about ten minutes ago. if you can't attend the mass here, there's also a mass in san jose at st. joseph sea basilica out there in san jose. we're live in san francisco, brian flores, ktvu channel 2
8:11 am
news. 8:08. santa cruz police officers are going back to work today after mourn, the loss of two veteran -- mourning the loss of two veteran deaths. we're learning more on how the deadly encounter unfolded on tuesday afternoon. tara moriarty is outside police headquarters with new reaction from the community. >> reporter: we haven't seen any sign of santa cruz police officers so far. but we ran into rudy escalon day -- escalontae. we asked him about working along butch for a long time, he was so overcome with emotions. his eyes started to well up with tears. he it had to walk away. right behind me you can see there is a memorial here and it continues to grow. families stopping by to pay their respects. they've been quite emotional. you can see the outpouring from the flowers and candles and notes left for the department. more details about this
8:12 am
deadly tragedy are surfacing. a cell phone video captured the chaotic scene near doyle and branciforte avenue tuesday. authorities say that the detective had gone to the home of 35-year-old jeremy goulet for a followup investigation on a sexual assault. sheriff deputies say a fight broke out and jeremy goulet shot and killed detective sergeant butch baker and detective elizabeth butler on his doorstep. this tight-knit community has never lost an officer in the line of duty. >> it's just i applaud these people for what they do. i'm honored to have them as part of our community. >> reporter: now, authorities say jeremy goulet fled the scene in the officers' unmarked vehicle. they found him a half an hour later pinned to a garage. they say jeremy goulet opened fire on everyone, even bystanders and firefighters who came on scene. police fired back killing him.
8:13 am
investigators say jeremy goulet was wearing body armor and carrying three guns. they believe the body armor and two of the weapons may have come from the two fallen officers. again, we're waiting for officers to arrive. you can understand that this is a very emotionally charged day. the sheriff's office had been doing patrols for police while they did grieve. we did see chp officers go into the building about a half-hour ago. we'll stay on top of this story and let you know if we hear about any new developments. back to you. santa cruz police have set up two funds to help the families of the two officers. one is at the bay federal credit union. donors can you -- you can make checks out to the santa cruz police officers association. the second one is at wells fargo bank. the police officers association has set up the baker butler -- baker/butler scholarship fund. our coverage of the tragedy in santa cruz continues right here, both on the air and online. stay right here with us for the
8:14 am
next hour for all of the updates from outside police headquarters and you can always get updates at and on our facebook page. 8:11. we want to check in with sal, see what's happening on the roads. >> we're looking at the commute in san jose. it's not a good one because of this crash on northbound 101 -- northboundle 85 near -- northbound 101 -- northbound 85, i'm sorry. bay bridge we still have a thick delay there of about 15 to 20 minutes before you get into the city. let's go to steve. >> thank you. patchy low clouds still around. most of them pulling off the coast but south san francisco still getting some. there's still some high and mid- level clouds around. we're ending february without much rain. january and february were just grim. i know l.a., l.a. downtown, airport, 15th driest
8:15 am
february. 40s to 50s. much -- 20 degrees warmer on some of the lows this morning due to the cloud cover. had a little bit of rain last night. yeah, i know. we had a little bit. some in the north bay. didn't amount to much. highs today will be mild to warm. the humidity factor is up, too, so temperatures 60s to 70s. very warm nice, sunny warm day. a lot of tropical clouds on saturday. we cloud it up late saturday into sunday. cooler. it looks like rain next tuesday, wednesday, maybe again next thursday. let's hope so. last night, public safety in oakland took center stage during mayor quan's state of the city address. why she says hiring more police officers won't be easy. a bay area family finally gets the phone call that is what the answer to their prayers.
8:16 am
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it is 8:16. happening now -- we are following the pope's journey from pope to pope emeritus. his helicopter is still flying right now getting ready to arrive at the retreat outside rome where he will be staying for at least a few months. his office just sent a last tweet. it says "may you always experience the joy that comes
8:19 am
from putting christ at the center of your lives." it's not known if the new pope will always be using twitter. but the vatican says that will be up to the new pope to decide what they want to do. get, we're continuing to follow this and -- again, we're continuing to follow this as the helicopter looks like it's about to land. we'll continue to follow this and bring you more throughout the rest of "mornings on 2". 8:16. back here at home, oakland's pop lair first friday street festival -- popular first friday's street festival comes again. it will have changes because of the violence before. it will begin an hour earlier before. the event held along telegraph avenue will no longer stretch down to 16th street. instead, it will be concentrated between west grand avenue and 27th street. the changes follow the february 1st fatal shooting of an 18- year-old man after the first friday event had ended. 8:17. oakland police are dealing with
8:20 am
the highest violent crime rate in the state but what can be done about it? pam cook has comments from jean quan in her state of the city address. >> mayor quan admits the crime is hurting the quality of life for people in this community. last night, she did not acknowledge that crime has increased in her two years of office but she did comment about the decrease in the number of police officers. in the last five years, oakland's police force has dropped by more than 200 officers. the blame is son the economy and city finances. the mayor said after public safety, the local economy is her next biggest challenge but she says it's improving. >> we gained more than 5,000 jobs last year. we -- this helped bring our unemployment rate down even though more than 2,000 people
8:21 am
entered the job market. the rate went down 4%. we closed our most recent budget for the first time in five years with no layoffs. [ applause ] >> despite the improvements, she says hiring more officers is not as easy as it sounds. she claims that adding 200 police officers would cost oakland $73 million a year in salaries, training, benefits and equipment. now, city council president pat kernigan says he doubts that number is that high. mayor quan says the police department plans to use civilians to fill some positions so more sworn officers are available for high- priority calls. reporting live in the newsroom, back to you dave and tori. >> thank you, pam you can hear more of mayor's quan address at look for the hot topics section on the front page. and relatives have finally heard from a young couple on a biking trip in south america
8:22 am
for the first time in a month. barrette hand's family says the long-awaited phone call came yesterday. hand also posted a message on facebook saying i'm alive. he's traveling with his girlfriend, jamie neal but family members became worried after the couple stopped posting updates on social media. and relatives say they are now relieved. >> we cannot describe the hope and the emotion and the relief and the exhaustion that we're feelth roo right now -- right now -- that we're feeling right now. >> the tourism minister said they were surprised to learn about the commotion they caused. they did not have signals to make communication. it's unclear when they plan to return home. there was a similar case in 2011. the parents of a stanford student reported him missing after not hearing from him for
8:23 am
six days when he was traveling in malaysia. a facebook page was launched. he was in a rain forest with no cell phone service. i think the moral of the story, if you are gonna be out of contact, let people know. >> yeah. a fraternity pledge overwhelmed by the gift miss new brothers are giving him. they've raised -- raised money for a surgery that his insurance company re-- insurance company refused to pay for. and steve paulson will tell us what's ahead for the first few days of march good morning. we'll tell you about the commute in the bay area -- coming up.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:23. a fra terpty at emmerson college in massachusetts is defining stereotypes. johnny collins joined this fraternity. he lives as a man but was born female. his frat brothers say this has never been an issue but they were ainge grip when they found out he wanted to have surgery to remove his breasts and the insurance company refused. so they started to raise money to pay for it. >> we wanted to show him that we supported him? i spent years suffering with -- supported support him. >> i spent years not knowing what was wrong. >> he says a huge thank you, there's been so much support
8:27 am
from the community, the surgery costs are completely covered with money leftover to help other transgenders to have surgery. these are live pictures from italy. we've been showing you his departure from the vatican to the new residence outside of rome. we showed you the bells tolling at the vat cap as his -- vaticanal his helicopter took off. his closest aide was by his side reportedly tearing up as the pope took off. we're watching the members of the helicopter crew and we're waiting to see the pope disembark as well. this is -- there is the pope getting off the helicopter right now being helped out by the staff and the wednesday, the security people who were there as well as he begins his new life -- about to get into his limousine, tori.
8:28 am
>> this was a short flight, about 20 mit minutes. we saw it -- 20 minutes. we saw it take off from the vatican gardens. it should be a short ride to his residence where he will be staying for at least a few months. >> i don't know if we can get a look inside the retreat itself. but we did get a peek inside, if we're able to show it to you, apparently we can't. we're stay on the live pictures. the pope is being greeted by his admirers and we don't know everyone who was there. but you can see the affection being shown. >> and the pope's retirement means his famous guards will get a few guards off before they will protect the next
8:29 am
pope. he will still be afforded some level of security while he enters this new phase. >> we do know that the conclave that will elect the new pope expected to start by the middle of march, they have a lot to consider. outside of selecting a new pope. there are controversies and scandals surrounding this. >> in fact, the last pope to resign was pope gregory xii that was a nearly 40-year split since the church played a central part in politics and this was slowly transitioning in the renaissance. so there was some scandals when the last pope resigned about 600 years ago. the pope will be leaving, he says, for health reasons. he's had a long his tris of health problems. he actually tried to step down
8:30 am
before he became pope but his pred -- had you his predecessor warranted him to stay and he was elected by the conclave eight years ago. just around easter around the hope is the new pope will be put in by easter which is march 31st in a few weeks. >> we heard some of the final public comments of pope benedict xvi. he said that sometimes he water were agitated and the winds were blowing against the church. there's a lot going on. >> yeah, and we will continue to follow the pope as he leaves the vatican as he -- as he now arrives south of rome and becoming the first pope to re-- to retire in 600 years. >> reporter: we're live in mountain view at a crosswalk where a teen was hit by a tar. it's the fourth time a -- car. it's the fourth time a student has been hit by a r ka. we'll tell you -- by a car. we'll tell you how police are
8:31 am
going undercover to help stop this. >> reporter: and a b.a.r.t. board meeting is set to get underway in about think minutes. how that meeting do -- in about 30 minutes. how that meeting could affect your fares. ♪ alright, let's go.
8:32 am
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welcome back. again, pope benedict xvi arriving at the papal retreat in italy. we're looking at live pictures as this motorcade moving through the trees. you got a closer look now. we showed you earlier his departure from the vatican heading from his residence outside of rome. he's well on his way. the bells tolled at the vatican as his helicopter took off. he's on the ground heading to
8:34 am
his papal retreat, very emotional. you can see the bowing, the arrival. , the limousine pull -- arrival, the limousine pulls up. the door is about to each and the pope will be stepping out momentummary. we'll -- momentarily. there he is. he's officially arrived. [inaudible] >> again, this is -- this is all happening live in italy. he's beginning his new life at the papal retreat. we wanted to take you live there on ktvu. our time is now 8:32. back here at home, police in mountain view are asking drivers to slow down, especially in school zones this after a student was hit in a crosswalk. ktvu's janine de la vega live in mountain view right now to tell us what police are saying about the latest incident where a student was hurt and what pedestrians are saying about how safe it is out there.
8:35 am
janine? >> reporter: dave, several people stopped me because they wanted to talk about the accident and this particular crosswalk. they think that because of that island there in the middle that drivers have a tough time seeing pedestrians cross. now, it's in very close proximity to this school. it's the fourth time a student has been hit by a car in mountain view while walking to school in recent months. here's a picture the police tweeted from the scene on tuesday. a 17-year-old boy was struck by a car while walking to mountain view academy. he was rushed to the hospital and treated for nonlife- threatening injuries. police say the driver was shaken up. and it was determined that the driver was at fault for failing to yield. officers tell us they've stepped up enforcement on shoreline. they've been conducting a decoy operation. >> we've had police officers go out in regular clothes, usually a brightly colored shirt and walk across the crosswalk to
8:36 am
see if there's people violating the right away and when they do, we give them tickets. >> you are continuing to do that? >> we are. we've been doing this for over a month. we've run about six operations and we will continue to do those. >> reporter: police are been patrolling castro street, which is where three students were hit at three different crosswalks, while walking to graham middle school. that was last fall. in those incidents, police say it was the students at fault. mountain view police want cars to slow down and be aware of their surroundings. they want pedestrians to use caution as well. they want people to know where their traffic enforcement operations are happening. so officers started to tweet about it on twitter at mountain view p.d. and they hope it will help. reporting live from mountain view, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:34. new information about that deadly shooting and car crash on the las vegas trip. this morning we're finding out that tineesha howard is no
8:37 am
longer a person of interest in that case. detectives said the 22-year-old was with ammare harris at the time of the shooting. they are not saying why she's noening longer under investigation. it appears that the police may have released the wrong photo of her. this police is 23409? howard. it's actual i that shaw malik -- it's actually tashamalik -- tasha malik. >> you see that? you see these? >> now, in that video, hair ris is counting $100 bills and bragging about his lifestyle. he's accused of shooting
8:38 am
kenneth cherry junior in his car february 21st on the las vegas stripe. that car crashed into a taxi, killing the driver and the passenger. 8:35. new this morning, the board of b.a.r.t. is about to meet in a half an hour. the commissioners have a very important vote ahead of them. claudine wong, live in oakland now where the b.a.r.t. board will consider a proposal to raise fares every other year through 2020. is that it? >> that's right, dave. >> the first increase would go into effect next year and then you are looking at small increases over the next several years. after that, every couple of years. you are looking at a change in parking fees. b.a.r.t. is saying this is necessary for the economic help. joined by b.a.r.t. spokesperson, this vote expected to go through. should riders kent fare increases starting next year -- expect fare increases starting next year? >> it's all about to the board
8:39 am
but we're hoping to get the money to help with projects coming up. >> reporter: you talk to people and some say it's a sign of the times, the fares need to go up. others say we see older trains, ridership going up. why not use the money from ridership? >> we do take great consideration before we ask the riders to contribute. the engineers are working overtime. we have a lot more passengers. you are right. but that's why the new trains and the new systems that we need cost billions of dollars and that's why we do need them to get the better service. >> reporter: it doesn't seem like there are a lot of alternatives. there is an option for the board members to say let's not do it. but if they don't, then what? >> we are getting more aggressive of reaching out to our federal partners, our local
8:40 am
stakeholders. it's not just the passengers paying more. internally, b.a.r.t. is cutting back. one really important point is any additional increase, these additional funds are going to go for a special pot. we can't use that money for anything else. that's really important. we want the passengers to know that. >> but the vote is the final step. after that it goes through. >> yes. >> reporter: thank you for joining us. again the board meeting gets underway. we're gonna head up there. this is the end of the road they've been going on. if it passes, this will go into effect next year. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:38. we want to take you back live, once again, to -- wow. that's a great shot there. this is the pope giving a wave to some of the folks in the crowd in the square. this is overlooking the main square where the pope will say the last public words of his papacy and earlier, they
8:41 am
dressed the crimson banner off the balcony railing and that set off the cheers from the hundreds of people outside there. there you can see the picture from the square. his last hours of pope. he will officially step down at 8:00 italian time which is 11 our time, so just about two and a half hours left for his reign at pope and then he will become emeritus pope and stay at that residence. let's listen in. >> translator: i'm happy to enjoy your sympathy. i give thanks to your friendship and for your affection. [ cheers ] >> translator: you know that this is a different day for me
8:42 am
than earlier days. i'm no longer the pope but i'm still in the church. i'm just a pilgrim who is starting the last part of his pilgrimage. [ cheers ] >> speaking in italian to the crowd there. we're listening to an english translator. >> reporter: with all of my heart and prayer and love and with my thoughts and strengths, i would like to work for the common good and the good for the church and mankind. i feel very much support and will go ahead for the lord for the church and the world. thank you all very much. >> you've been listening to the final public words of -- public words from pope benedict xvi before he steps down and becomes the pope emeritus.
8:43 am
he looks like he's blessing there. >> in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit. thank you all. good night. thank you all. >> beautiful final words there. the pope, again, stepping down. he will be staying at that treat for several month the where a new apartment will be built for him in the vatican. he will still -- months where a new apartment will be built for him in the vatican. we'll be looking for the papal conclave meeting next week. they will be choosing his successor and still a lot of debate about who that person may be. >> we had a chance to watch history. 8:41. we do need to get you to where you need to go. sal's watching the commute. >> that's right. we're waiting there. a new crash popped up on the screen there. i want to go to the maps first, if i can. this is a crash in richmond on
8:44 am
westbound 580 at central. it's a motorcyclist down in the lanes there. you can also see that nearby 80 westbound is very slow heading from pinole to richmond all the way down into oakland. so this crash is there. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. that backup still stretches for about 25 minutes getting into san francisco. northbound 880, we have a lot of slow traffic there all the way up to downtown oakland. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. well, partly cloudy. mostly sunny. a system came by and left some rain. measurable amounts in lake county, .01. in a very dry january and fen, we'll take what we can debt -- and february, we'll take what we can get. and hopefully march will be better. some lows were 20 degrees lower than yesterday. 53 in oakland. 52 san rafael, name.
8:45 am
hayward, napa, not far away. it's a mild start. it's a pattern where everything is lifting to the north. saturday we'll get a lot of high and mid-level clouds in here. i think that will take us into late saturday or sunday. it looks mostly sun nin and warm -- sunny and warm. 60s to low and mid-70s for a few, especially santa clara. tomorrow will be warmer. a lot of tropical clouds rolling in. and then it's out of here. the next rain could be tuesday night into wednesday. another one next thursday. >> thank you, steve. automatic federal spending cuts kick in at midnight tonight. the last-minute maneuvering going on today to possibly avoid the cuts and the blame. >> reporter: the santa cruz community reacts to tuesday's deadly shooting and more details emerge about the heroics of firefighters. we'll explain.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
brig-named companies reported higher quarterly earnings. the government reported jobless claims are falling. but the budget battle still casting a shadow over the market. the dow is up 12. the nasdaq is up 7. s&p up 2.
8:49 am
and those weekly applications for jobless benefits dropped by 22,000 last -- last week. that puts the new claims at 344,000. analysts say that's a sign that companies are laying off fewer workers and do start fire -- could start hiring more. california saw 22,000 less claims. this past hour we heard from house minority leader nancy pelosi and house speaker john boehner criticizing each other's party for allowing automatic government budget cuts to kick in tomorrow. as cute eight kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, all of this comes as the senate get the ready to vote -- getting ready to vote in a couple of hours on how to avoid the sequestration. >> reporter: nancy pelosi focused on possible job cuts. john boehner says americans should not have to pay any more in taxes. >> understands the difference between investments for the
8:50 am
future and just across -the- board mindless cutting. >> to focus on create jobs. how much more money do we want to steal from the american people to fund american government? i'm for no more. >> reporter: the house passed legislation to make what republicans call common sense cuts. but senate democrats want $55 billion in cuts and $55 billion in increased tax revenue. senate republicans refuse any tax increases and proehl $85 billion in cuts and they want president obama to decide which programs get cut and which ones get spared. my sources in the senate tell me the votes on the plans are expected in about three hours but neither is expected to get this 60 votes needed to pass. president obama is scheduled to meet tomorrow wi pelosi and boehner and mitch mcconnell and harry reid but that meeting
8:51 am
will come after these automatic spending cuts become law. but some republicans are pointing to positive news. they say that all of these automatic cuts would be re-- could be reversed before they take effect because a long-term spending bill is due march 27th. i'm kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. >> translator: thank you, all, and good night. [ cheers ] >> you saw it live right here on ktvu. that was pope benedict xvi's final public message as pope. the pope spoke from the balcony from the papal retreat in italy. he will formally resign in two hours from now. he thanked the world's $1.2 billion catholics for their love, prayers and support. back here at home, police in santa cruz will go back to work this morning after
8:52 am
mourning the loss of two veteran detectives killed in the line of duty. tara moriarty is joining us from santa cruz now with some new information about the death of those officers. >> reporter: over the past half- hour we've seen quite a few families stop by and pay their respects to the fallen officers. you can see the mounds of flowers and candles. this as officers prepare to go back on patrol for the first time since tuesday's shooting. more details about the deadly tragedy are coming to light. a cell phone video captured the chaotic scene in the neighborhood near branciforte avenue. detectives had gone to the home of jeremy goulet for a followup investigate on a sexual assault. a fight broke out and jeremy goulet shot and killed butch baker and elizabeth butler on his doorstep. this tight-knit community has never lost an officer in the line of duty. >> butch and i started together in 1985. he was just before me. i started here in santa cruz in
8:53 am
1985. we worked together for nearly 25 years. >> reporter: how does this sit with you? i know this must be tough? it's very difficult. >> reporter: authorities say jeremy goulet fled the scene in the officers' unmarked car and was found around the corner personned against a garage. they say jeremy goulet opened fire on everyone, even bystanders and firefighters on scene. police fired back dilling -- killing him. a firefighter tackled and shielded a woman on the ground while the rest of the crew got bistanders 0 out of the way. at least -- bystanders out of the way. investigators say jeremy goulet was wearing body armor and had two guns he may have stolen from the officers who were -- the fallen officers. now the officers have to come back to work. we believe a lot of them are already here. there is an entrance to the back of this police department 
8:54 am
and usually it lines up after 6:00. a lot of them may be on the streets already. and they are also thinking, of course, about that double funeral. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> our coverage of the tragedy in santa cruz continues here on ktvu channel 2 both on the air and online. you can always get updates at and our facebook page. it's coming up on 8:52. breaking news out of iraq. a series of bombings struck baghdad and a livestock market south of the capital city, killing at least 19 and wounding dozens more. the bombings all hit area that are home to mostly muslim shiites. it's the latest indications of rising sectarian violence in iraq. and norman schwarzkopf will be laid to rest. a memorial service for the commander known as stormin' norman will be held at the academy. he will be buried next to his father on the west point
8:55 am
ground. he was a graduate of west point and served two tours in vietnam. but he's best known for commanding the u.s.-led coalition that drove saddam hussein's forces out of kuwait. he died of complications from a pneumonia in december. a shakeup in the brentwood school district. the scandal that cost the superintendent his job. good morning. northbound 280. the traffic here is a little bit -- is a little busy getting into the valley. we'll tell you more straight ahead. medications? i don't know.
8:56 am
last immunization shots? really? honey, what's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that. at kaiser permanente, your medical information is available to you and your doctors. quickly. securely. no guesswork required. better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive.
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8:58 am
8:55. a brentwood school superintendent has lost his job. last night the school board voted to fire merle grant two days after he was put on leave. grant has been. target of major public outcry over the handling of special education teacher teacher, holder. holder was convicted of kicking a 5-year-old autistic student but was still allowed to teach. you may see more chain stores on telegraph. homelessness is a big issue on telegraph along with a lot of vacant storefronts. the chronicle reports tom bates will hold the first in a series of community meets tonight at willard middle school beginning at 6:00. now, several street makeover ideas are being considered. they include turning telegraph
8:59 am
into a two-way street adding nightclubs and allowing more chain stores and fast-food outlets. 8:56. one more time, let's check in with sal. traffic winding down for us. >> it is in some areas. mike mibach told me more about this crash on 580 westbound -- i'm sorry. 580 eastbound as you head toward oakland in richmond. a motorcycle down. it looks like traffic is slowing down in that area. it is indeed emergency vehicles on the scene. let's take a look at the bay bridge. that's about a ten to 15-minute delay. there's some improvement getting into san francisco. i want to look at san francisco, northbound 101, you can see some busy traffic north of cease r chavez. let's go to steve. we had a lot of high and mid-level clouds for a while. most of them are moving north. it's already really mild. low 50s for some of the lows

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